Siemens VGD40.065 Double Block Gas Valve Body

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VGD40.065 - Double gas valve, DN65, 160m³/h


  • 2.5" Flange 
  • Use with SKP Actuators
  • Static Pressure (closed) 1200mbar


VGD40 Technical

Double gas valves for use on gas trains, consisting of 2 safety shut-off valves of class A. Suited for use with gases of gas families I...III. The double gas valve is to be combined with 2 actuators of the SKP… line (e.g. to provide the functions of 2 safety shut-off valves in series, complete with gas pressure governor).

The VGD40.065 are supplied with a pilot gas flange having a connection for the pilot gas line and a connection for an impulse line. This impulse line connection between the 2 valves and another impulse line connection on the outlet flange can be connected directly to the SKP20… constant pressure governor fitted to «V1» or «V2».

A universal mounting plate facilitates attachment of a number of commercially available pressure switches or valves proving devices. Both the pilot gas flange and the universal mounting plate are exchangeable and can be fitted on either side of the valve.


Siemens VGD40.065 Double Block Gas Valve Body