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BST KLC10 - Dual Fuel UV Universal Flame Detector


BST KLC10 - Dual Fuel UV Universal Flame Detector

UV - flame detector KLC 10 for oil - gas - and dual fuel burners for intermittent burner operations

The KLC 10 is a compact UV flame detector, which has been developed for single flame combustion. Designed for flames that produce little light or radiation in the visible spectrum and have very low flame modulation/flicker frequency. The design of the UV sensor ensures that the flame detector does not react to background radiation from hot refractory or from any other infra-red light source.

The flame detector is equipped with an optical interface which visibly indicates the flame signal intensity. The KLC 10 can be connected directly to the ionisation or LDR input of the control box. It is compatible in its physical dimensions and connection capability to other series KLC flame detectors. All KLC accessories are identical and therefore this reduces the variety of components used in production and makes it simpler for field application and service.

The flame detector KLC10 has been developed to meet the requirements of European Standards EN298:2012-11 for burner management control units which make a ‘no-flame’ check after normal burner shut down when the flame amplifier is permanently powered.

Technical Specifications

  • Input: AC 230 V ~ (-15/+10 %)
  • Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
  • Consumption 5.5 mA
  • Restarting time: between burner shut down and renewed burner start-up > 5 s
  • FET-Output: Switch-On delay after Flame-On typically 0, 5 sec.
  • Switch-Off time after Flame-Off < 0, 5 sec.
  • max. switched current 15 mA
  • max. switched power 0,3 W
  • max. switched voltage 280V AC / 400 V DC
  • Optical Features: Spectral range 185 – 260 nm
  • Acceptable loss of flame signal ca. 200 ms
  • Adjustment: radial, left
  • optional axial (reduced sensitivity at approx. 40%)
  • Lifetime of the UV-tube: > 10.000 h
  • Operating Temperature: -20oC to +60°C (temperatures >50°C reduces the lifetime of the UV-tube)
  • Humidity max. 95%, no condensation permitted
  • Operating position: Any position
  • Kind of protection: IP 41
  • Protection Class: II
  • Protection against
  • electric shock: DIN EN 60730-2-5
  • Weight: 0.028 kg
  • max. length of connection cable: 1 m (optional for longer cables)
  • Certification: CE-0085BS0448


Please click the link below to download the Technical Manual for this product

KLC10 Product Manual

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