BST IFR50 UV Axial Universal Flame Detector with Relay Output

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What is the difference with this and other flame detectors?

The vast majority of Flame Detectors are certified only when matched to a specific control box, for example, a TMG 740-3 must be used with a UVZ 780 cell... or an LFL must use a QRA2. The BST flame detectors are certified for use in their own right, fully CE marked with approvals that allow them to be used with ANY manufacturers control system, regardless of the recommended detector. A few small wiring mods may be required, but its a small price to pay for a far superior, more resilient and more reliable product!

Why Choose an IFR50 over other Flame sensors?

  • The IFR50 is IP65 rated and is protected by a tough industrial housing, suited to harsh or rough environments.
  • This Flame Scanner is CE marked as a Universally compatible control box. The CE marking is on the product itself, NOT the flame detector WITH a selected box.
  • This model includes a Relay output with 1 NC-contact and 1 NO-contact
  • The IFR50 includes an optical indicator on the rear of the housing (red LED) allowing correct operation to be visually monitored.

BST IFR50 Cable

Manufacturer Part Numbers

BST Model Number: IFR50

Fitted To: Universal

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Technical Specifications

  • Input: AC 230 V ~ (-15/+10 %)
  • Optical features 185 to 265 nm, tolerated flame signal fades approx. 200ms
  • Orientation radial
  • Lifetime of the tube approx. 10000 h
  • Distance to flame <2 m
  • Nominal frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Prefuse max. 1 A , slow
  • Consumption max. 18 mA
  • Operating temperature -20 to +60°C (temperatures higher than 50°C reduces life of the UV tube )
  • Operating position any position
  • Kind of protection IP 65
  • Protection class I , FELV
  • Humidity max. 95% r.H., non-condensing
  • Electrical connenction Amphenol eco|mate plug C016
  • Restart time >5s between controlled shut-down and renewed heat request



Technical Specifications

The IFR 50 is a compact UV flame detector, which is specially designed for severe conditions often experienced in industrial applications for single flame combustion. The IFR 50 can be connected directly to the ionisation or LDR input of the control box. The UV sensor ensures that the flame detector does not react to background radiation from hot refractory or from any other infrared light source.

The Flame detector has to be disconnected started up once in a day. For safety reasons and technical regulations a controlled burner shut down at least once per 24 hours must be guaranteed.

The flame detector IFR 50 has been developed to meet the requirements of UL 372-2, CSA C22.2 and EN 298. The internal 15 % increase of the UV tube voltage during the start-up phase ensures the safety requirement for the examination of the UV tube to through-ignition. The flame detector IFR 50 has to be switched off for more than 5 seconds before burner operation can be started again.

The flame detector is equipped with an optical interface which visibly indicates the flame signal intensity. A simple diagnosis of the flame intensity is directly on the furnace boiler possible.

Connecting Cable

BST IFR50 Cable

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