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Utile Model 700A VSD Controlled Gas Booster - 200m3/hr

by Utile
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Utile Model 700A Gas Booster -  VSD (Variable Speed Drive) 

Utile Model 700 single stage centrifugal gas booster. Mounted on a galvanised mild steel base plate and arranged for belt drive by an IP55, safe area, 2 pole motor wound for 415 volts, 3 phase, 50hz.

Supplied in accordance with IGEM/UP/2 requiring connection of the booster with ancillaries and wiring of a 1 phase supply to the control panel.

Benefits Of A VSD Driven Gas Booster?

Fixed speed gas booster sets are sized for maximum gas load at maximum pressure differential, but spend the majority of their lives operating at reduced load conditions continually absorbing more power than is necessary. Therefore, it operates at the “back of the performance curve” in turndown condition where the boosted pressure increases, causing higher bearing and gas temperatures, and in some cases surge.

The Utile ‘Smart Drive’ system is designed to sense the variations in gas pressure due to changes in demand and as a consequence adjusts the operating speed to obtain the optimum efficiency and pressure requirement at all times.

The flexibility of the ‘Smart Drive’ system allows it to be used in conjunction with all Utile products in applications where cost and efficiency savings can be achieved. ‘Smart Drive’ operates in single or duty/standby systems, throughout their range of single and multistage gas boosters and positive displacement gas compressors, often reducing the need for costly gas cooling systems.


Medium Natural Gas S.G. 0.6
Flow Rate 200m3/hr
Inlet Pressure 20 mBar
Discharge Pressure 45 mBar.g
Booster Speed 8500 rpm
Motor Speed 2850 rpm
Rated Motor Power 1.1kW

Model 700 (Nat Gas SG=0.6)

700A Gas Booster Flow Rates - VSD
Utile Model 700A VSD Controlled Gas Booster

Ancillary Items

  • 1 x Set (2) 65mm PN6 inlet, 50mm PN6 discharge flexible pipe connectors (loose)
  • 1 x Set (4) anti-vibration mounts (loose)
  • IP54 Low gas inlet pressure cut out switch (fitted & wired)
  • 1 x Outlet pressure transmitter to maintain a constant outlet pressure,(adjustable)
  • Control panel with “Smart Drive” Variable Speed Drive, door isolator, neon fault indicators, emergency stop, remote start/stop LP switch delay timer and a set of VFC’s to signal fault, (fitted and wired)

Model 700A Gas Booster

The Utile 700A centrifugal blower, exhauster and gas booster is of a robust construction and has been designed to run under full load conditions handling a wide variety of gases or air. The shaft is sealed to isolate the bearings. Standard machines have a cast iron bearing housing with an aluminium volute and impeller.

Model 700A boosters can be supplied as a basic unit with baseplate and motor on request, as standard we supply them as a package with pressure switches and control panel wired and fitted to comply with IGEM/UP/2. If you require a duplex set with one unit on standby. please contact us.


  • IGEM/UP/2
  • ATEX Directive: 2014 / 34 / EU
  • Machinery Directive: 2006 / 42 / EC
  • BSEN 8487: 2007


Utile 700A VSD Gas Booster


Weight 38kg

Gas Booster Lead Times and Shipping Charges

Due to the fact that these Boosters are made to suit specific applications and are made here in the UK, the lead time for them is 4-6 weeks as standard. If you require a booster urgently, please contact us and we will enquire wether your order can be expedited. Standard UK Shipping for all Gas Boosters is £104.00 Net to include packaging and delivery to a UK address.