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Rotation: Anti Clockwise
Hub: 70mm
Shaft Diameter: 20mm
Pre Heater Facility Yes


The SUNTEC T oil pump is specially designed for industrial heating applications using light or heavy oils with high capacity. It is fitted with a preheater location to render cold starting easier.



- Heavy oil, light oil, B10 heating oil/biofuel blend (as defined in DIN V51603-6) and kerosene.
- SUNTEC recommend the use of a SUNTEC TV valve to regulate the pump pressure.



The gear set draws oil from the tank and transfers it to an external valve that regulates the oil pressure.



Care should be taken to avoid starting pump with high viscosity cold oil leading to pump and coupling damage. For this reason, the T pump body includes a cavity to accept an electric preheater. This cavity has been located to give maximum heat transfer from the heater to the oil in the pump without direct contact between the heater cartridge and the oil.

Heaters should be connected for a period of time prior to starting the pump. When the right temperature is reached, they can be switched off or left permanently switched on to maintain fluid oil in the pump during the periodic burner shut-downs. The oil supply, pipes and filters must be separately heated.



The plug of the pressure gauge port must be loosened until the air is evacuated from the system.

Suntec T3C 10 6 Technical Datasheet

Suntec T3C 10 6 Exploded View