Suntec ATUV Oil Pump - Universal

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The SUNTEC ATUV oil pump has been designed to replace the majority of two-stage pumps on the market, making this an easy and flexible pump and one to keep in your service kit, just in case. It incorporates a blocking solenoid valve fitted with a built-in return valve.

This is a light oil and B10 blend pump for use on a 1 or 2 pipe system & has an inline solenoid, offering both left and right nozzle outlets. 

Suntec ATUV Pump Features

  • Light oil, B10 heating oil/biofuel blend (as defined in DIN V 51603-6) and kerosene
  • Two firing rates
  • Two-pipe system only (one pipe system not possible).

PLEASE NOTE: This Pump will replace a number of DANFOSS BFP 52E Pumps. Please contact us for details.

Suntec ATUV Pump Front
Suntec ATUV Pump Side
Suntec ATUV Pump Back
Suntec ATUV Pump ISO

Suntec ATUV Pump Dimensions

Suntec ATUV Pump Dimensions

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