Suntec AS47D 74353 P0500 Oil Pump

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Suntec AS47D 74353 P0500 Oil Pump


Manufacturer: Suntec
  • The SUNTEC AS oil pump has a built in solenoid valve which controls the regulator cut-off valve giving fast cut-off and cut-on function independent of the rotational speed.
  • Features that the Suntec AS Oil pump Has:  light oil.
  • One or two-pipe system.

Technical Data:

Mounting: Flange or hub mounting according to EN225

Shaft: Ø 8 mm according to European Standard 225

Operating viscosity 2 - 12 mm²/s (cSt)

Oil temperature 0 - 60°C

Pump Inlet pressure: 2 bars max. 

Return pressure: 2 bars max. 

Suntec AS47D 74353 P0500 Oil Pump