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Rotation: Clockwise
Nozzle Port: Right
Hub: 32mm
Shaft Diameter: 8mm


The SUNTEC AS oil pump has a built in solenoid valve which controls the regulator cut-off valve giving fast cut-off and cut-on function independent of the rotational speed.



- Light oil, B10 heating oil/biofuel blend (as defined in DIN V51603-6) and kerosene.
- One or two-pipe system.
- 2 firing rates (With a sole nozzle line)
- Requires a seperate cut off valve



The high pressure mode is obtained with the solenoid valve activated (ie. closed); activating this solenoid valve closes the by-pass channel to the return. Oil is then transferred to the nozzle line at the pressure given by the high pressure regulating valve.

The low pressure mode is obtained with the solenoid valve open (ie. non activated); the by-pass channel is open, the oil is supplied to the nozzle line via the by-pass hole and the low pressure adjustment is made by the screw on the solenoid tube.

For two pipe installation, the by-pass plug fitted in the return port allows any oil not required at the nozzle to be dumped back to the tank. For one pipe installation, the by-pass plug must be removed and the return port plugged, oil which is not required at the nozzle is then returned back to the suction port in the gear set.



Bleeding is assured by the by-pass hole of the nozzle plug.
For the first start up, bleeding can be accelerated by loosening the plug in a pressure gauge port.

Suntec AP47A K 7564 Technical Datasheet

Suntec AS47C K 7564 Exploded View