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Spirax Sarco LP30 Level Probe - High Integrity

by Spirax
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Fulton Part Number: 12597


Spirax Sarco LP30 High Integrity Self Monitoring Low Level Alarm Probe



The Spirax Sarco LP30 level probe is used with a Spirax Sarco LC3050 level controller to provide a high integrity, self-monitoring low level alarm signal, usually in a steam boiler. It consists of a probe body with a removable cable socket, and a separate screw-on probe tip which is retained by a lock-nut and pin. The probe has a level sensing tip (probe tip), and a comparator tip. The earth return path is via the body connection. Under normal operating conditions the probe tip is partially immersed, and the resistance to earth is low. When the water level drops below the probe tip the resistance to earth becomes high, causing the controller to give a low level alarm signal. The comparator tip compensates for any leakage to earth caused by scale, dirt, or internal moisture, ensuring a low water alarm signal even under adverse conditions.


Principal features: 

High integrity, self-monitoring low level alarm probe.

Suitable for pressures up to 32 bar g at 239°C.

No maintenance required.

Positively retained probe tip