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Siemens VGD40.100 Double Block Gas Valve Body

by Siemens
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Siemens VGD40.100 - Double gas valve, DN100, 400m³/h

Siemens Part Number: BPZ:VGD40.100

Nuway Part Number: E08190B

Compact VGD40.100 double‐valve bodies consist of 2 safety shut‐off valves in series

Each individual safety shut‐off valve has double seats to achieve high flow

Patented seat construction with individual closing spring for each seat to assure reliable shut‐off and high close‐off pressure rating

Full port vent line connection plates are available


Siemens VGD40.100U Gas Valve


Siemens VGD40.0100 Specs

  • 4" Flanged
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 10psi
  • Close Off Pressure: 30psi
  • Capacity CFH Natural Gas at P=1"WC: 9680
  • Use with SKP Actuators

Body Material: Aluminium

Number Of Test Points (1/4" NPT): 1 Inlet / 1 Outlet



A 350mm

B 267.3mm

C 100mm

D 144.8mm

E 49mm

F 49.5mm

G 131mm

H 192mm

I 16mm

L (d=) 190.5mm

M (d=) 19mm

S 72mm

T 115.5mm

U 22mm

V 222mm

Siemens VGD40.100U Gas Valve

VGD 40 100 Optional Vent Plate Dimensions

For the VGD40.100 you will require the AGA40.0100U Vent connection plate (optional).

Siemens VGD40.100U Vent Plate Gas Valve

Download Technical Manual

Download the Manual Here