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Siemens SKP55.001E2 Gas Valve Actuator / Differential Governor 230V 50/60 Hz

by Siemens

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Siemens SKP55.001E2 Gas Valve Actuator


  • The SKP55.001E2 operates with a differential gas pressure governor and controls a differential gas pressure according to a differential air pressure.
  • The ratio of the differential pressures is 1-to-1 and constant across the entire air range.
  • Its field of use are predominantly - combustion plant with combined heat recovery systems - plant where pressure conditions in the burner and combustion chamber do not change in proportion to load changes - burners with adjustable air / fuel mixing devices in the burner head - plant with negative pressure levels on the gas or air side.

Technical Data:

Mains voltage: AC 230 V –15 %...AC 230 V +10 %

Mains frequency: 50...60 Hz ±6 %

Degree of protection: IP 54 

Weight: 1.9 kg