Siemens QRA50M Self Checking UV Cell

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Siemens QRA50M UV Flame Detector - Self Checking Continuous Operation

Nuway Part Number: C31053V

The QRA50M flame detector is designed to be used with the LFE50 controls designed by Siemens. When used in combination, this system will form a sefl checking UC flame supervision system for use with gas or oil burners. Designed for use on burners operating for 24 hours or more.

The flame detector must be in a suitable position to monitor sufficient UV radiation.

The die-cast alloy flame detector head is sealed with a quartz-glass lens. In addition to the plug-in UV cell, the head contains a rotating shutter which – for the purpose of continuous testing of the UV cell’s striking and extinction voltage performance – interrupts the UV radiation at the rate of 3 times per second. The shutter is driven by a synchronous motor which is suited for continuous operation.

The flame detector is attached to the viewing tube by means of a flanged mounting coupling which has a 1 in. internal thread. A 3/8 in. tapping on the side of the coupling enables a cooling air conduit to be connected, provided that dry, dust- and oil-free compressed air is available.


  • Flame detector for mounting on a viewing tube directed toward the combustion chamber, complete with flange (for all voltage versions)

Technical Data:

Sensitivity: Normal

Average life of UV cell: 10,000 hours

Weight: 1.5kg

Degree Of Protection: IP40

Mounting Position: optional

Spare UV Tube: AGR4 502 4268 0

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