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Siemens QRA10M.C UV Cell - High Sensitivity

Nuway Part Number: C31052U

Die-cast aluminium housing with a 1 in. mounting coupling and connection facility for cooling air. The housing of this detector has a bayonet fitting which allows it to be secured either directly to the 1 in. mounting coupling or to the AGG06 glass holder. The 1 in. mounting coupling can be screwed to a viewing tube or to the AGG07 ball head. The Pg cable gland can be removed and replaced, if some other detector cable shall be used.


  • This QRA10M.C Photocell comes with a lens.
  • The flame detectors are used for the supervision of gas flames, yellow- or blue-burning oil flames and for ignition spark proving.

Technical Data:

Sensitivity: High

Average life of UV cell: 10,000 hours

Weight: 740g

Degree Of Protection: IP54

Mounting Position: Any

Spare UV Tube: AGR4 502 4065 0