Siemens LMV37.420A1 110v Burner Control Box

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Basic unit with integrated air-fuel ratio control for forced draft burners

This Siemens LMV37.420 Burner Control Box 110v

Oil/gas burner control, ratio control, continuous, AC110V

Oil and gas burner control, air-fuel ratio control for intermittent operation, AC 110 V, 50/60 Hz.


The LMV37.420A1 is designed to be used with the following:

  • Ionisation probe
  • QRA2... / QRA10...
  • QRA4.U
  • QRB...
  • QRC…

The LMV37.400 provides all supervisory functions required for forced draft burners of medium to high capacity operating on a single fuel and using integrated communication interfaces affords convenient diagnostics, parameter settings and incorporation on the automation system level.

Integrated in the LMV37.400 unit are:

• The burner control - including gas valve proving

• Electronic fuel / air ratio control with a maximum of 2 actuators

• Optional variable speed drive (VSD) control


Siemens LMV37.420A1 110v Burner Control Box

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