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Siemens LME76.000A1 110V Burner Control Box

by Siemens
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Siemens LME76.000A1 Burner Control Box 110V


The burner control LME76.000A1 is a microprocessor-based unit with matching system components for the control and supervision of forced draft burners of medium to high capacity.

The fuel-air ratio can be set either via an air damper actuator - acting on mechanical or pneumatic ratio control - or via pulse width modulated fans and pneumatic ratio control. The flame supervision supervised with ionization probe and with UV flame detector QRA2..., QRA4.U or QRA10...

LME76.000A2 In Use

LME76.000A1 Burner Control Box Applications

The LME76 is used for the startup and supervision of multistage or modulating forced draft burners and atmospheric gas burners in intermittent operation.

This control box has a designed lifetime* of 250,000 burner startup cycles which, under normal operating conditions in heating mode, correspond to approx. 10 years of usage (starting from the production date given on the type field).


  • Undervoltage detection
  • Output actuator control
  • Supply Voltage: 230VAC
  • Input feedback for actuator with a potentiometer
  • Electrical remote reset facility
  • IP Rating: IP40
  • Operation Temperature: -20 - +60 °C
  • Multicolor indication of fault status and operating state messages
  • Weight: Approx. 490g
LME76.000A2 Dimensions


Control Box Height Width Depth
LME76.000A1 110V 180mm 120mm 52.6mm