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Siemens LME44.056C2 - 230v

Nuway Part Number: N/A

Siemens Part Number: BPZ:LME44.056C2

Technical Specifications:

  • Siemens LME44.056 C2 Controls 2 stage burners with actuator control
  • Supply Voltage: 230V
  • Waiting time: 16s
  • Purge time: 9s
  • Safety time: 5s
  • Preignition time: 2s
  • Post-ignition time: 4.5s
  • Interval between ignition «Off» and «BV2»: 10s

Siemens LME44.056C2 Datasheet

Siemens LME44.057 C2 240V Datasheet / Manual

Siemens LME44.056 C2 Dimensions

Siemens LME44.057 C2 240V Control Box Dimensions