Siemens LGK16.335 A27 240v Burner Control Box

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Siemens LGK16.335 A27 Burner Control Box

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The burner control box LGK16.335A27 has a self-checking flame signal amplifier, for continuously operating multistage or modulating oil or gas burners of medium to high capacity; with air pressure supervision for checked air damper control.


  • The supervision circuit of the LGK16.335A27 initiates the required safety actions not only in the case of premature or missing flame signals but also in the event of any kind of fault on the flame detector, the detector cables or the flame signal amplifier that could simulate a flame signal during burner operation.
  • The burner controls are therefore suited for use in all types of oil- or gas-fired combustion plant where self-checking flame supervision systems are either mandatory or recommended design.
  • The LGK16.335A27 is made of impact-proof and heat-resistant black plastic with a lockout reset button with viewing window showing it.

Technical Data:

Mains voltage: AC 220 V -15 %...AC 240 V +10 %

                        AC 100 V -15 %...AC 110 V +10 %

Weight approx: 1kg

Power consumption approx: 3.5 VA

Mounting position: Any

Degree of protection: IP 40

    Siemens LGK16.335 A27 240v Burner Control Box