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Siemens LGK16.333A17 110v Burner Control Box

by Siemens
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Siemens LGK16.333 A17 Burner Control Box 110V


The burner control box LGK16.333 A17 has a self-checking flame signal amplifier, for continuously operating multistage or modulating oil or gas burners of medium to high capacity; with air pressure supervision for checked air damper control. Burner controls have a designed lifetime* of 250,000 burner startup cycles which, under normal operating conditions in heating mode, correspond to approx. 10 years of usage.

Siemens LGK16.333 A17 In Use

LGK16.333 A17 Burner Control Box Applications

For gas, oil or dual-fuel forced draft burners of medium to high capacity. For multistage or modulating burners in continuous operation. With air pressure supervision for checked air damper control. Flame supervision. LGK16: With flame detector QRA53/QRA55/ionization probe. Burner control for oil burners or gas burners in accordance with EN 298 2012. Suitable for use with air heaters (WLE). With self-checking flame signal amplifier

The burner controls are therefore suited for use in all types of oil- or gas-fired combustion plant where self-checking flame supervision systems are either mandatory or recommended. For example: - Burners that operate continuously - Burners in intermittent operation that, in the case of great heat demand, may operate continuously for more than 14 hours, e.g. in plant using boiler sequencing - Burners that need to comply with the German TRD 411 and TRD 412 regulations for steam boilers - Burners in plant where, for specific safety requirements, supervision of the burner by a self-checking flame supervision system seems advisable


  • Supply Voltage: 240VAC
  • IP Rating: IP40
  • Operation Temperature: -20 - +60 °C
  • Mounting Position: Optional
  • Weight: Approx. 1kg
Siemens LGK16.333 Dimensions

Siemens LGK Dimensions

Control Box Height Width Depth
LGK16.333 A17 110V 123mm 103mm 103mm
LGK16.333 A27 230V 123mm 103mm 103mm