Siemens LGB21.130 A27 230v Burner Control Box

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Siemens LGB21.130A27 Control Box 

Alternative Part Number: C21283X

The LGB21.130A27 are designed for use with gas burners of small to medium capacity, with or without an auxiliary fan, in intermittent operation.


Manufacturer: Siemens

  • The LGB21.130A27 burner controls are used for the startup and supervision of 1- or 2-stage gas/ oil burners in intermittent operation.
  • Depending on the type of burner control used, the flame is supervised either by an ionization probe, a blue-flame detector QRC1 for forced draft gas/ oil burners, or a UV detector QRA (with auxiliary unit AGQ1.xA27).
  • Using the appropriate adapter, the LGB21.130A27 can replace the predecessor types LFI7 and LFM1 in terms of function.

Technical Data:

Mains voltage: AC 220 V -15% ...AC 240 V +10%

                         (LGB2 / LGB4) AC 230 V -15% / +10%

                         (LGB32!) AC 100 V -15% ...AC 110 V +10%

Mounting position: Any

Degree of protection: IP40

Weight Approx: 230 g

Siemens LGB21.130 A27 230v Burner Control Box