Siemens LEC1.8868 Burner Control Box

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Siemens LEC1.8868 Burner Control Box

Alternative Part Number: C21266D


  • The Siemens LEC1.8868 control box is designed for the fully automatic startup and supervision of forced draft oil or gas burners where flame supervision should or must be carried out by separate flame safeguards, e.g. with:
  • Double supervision of the main flame or pilot and main flame by 2 identical or different detectors.
  • Supervision of forced draft oil / gas burners with different types of detectors, depending on the selected operating mode.
  • Multi-flame supervision, that is, central and simultaneous control of the startup and supervision sequence of several burners the flames of which must be individually supervised by 1 or 2 flame safeguards each.

Technical Data:

Mains voltage: AC 220 V -15 %...AC 240 V +10 %

                         AC 100 V -15 %...AC 110 V +10 %

Degree of protection: IP 40 

Mounting position: Optional

Weight approx: 2 kg

Siemens LEC1.8868 Burner Control Box