Siemens AZL23.00A9 Operator Display For LMV3 Control Box

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Display and Operating Unit For LMV3 Controllers

The AZL2 display and operating units are designed for use with the LFS1 flame

safeguard, the LME39 / LMO39 burner controls and the LMV2 and LMV3 burner

management systems, either directly on the burner or in control panels installed

close to the burner.

  • The units are used for the display, operation and parameterization of specific safety- and non-safety-related burner functions
  • Key plant data and fault codes can be queried and displayed
  • Communication between AZL2 and the flame safeguard / burner control takes place via the BCI interface


This unit is rated to IP54 when mounted.

Listed below is the full scope of functions of the AZL23.00A9 units.

The specific functions and operating philosophy must be determined based on the type of flame safeguard & burner control used.

  • Housing of modern design made of recyclable plastic
  • Flame-resistant housing material
  • Display of operating states, program phases and fault codes
  • Setting of parameters and ratio curves
  • 8-digit LCD with bars
  • LCD with backlit display (support dependent on respective flame safeguard /
  • burner control)
  • 5 multifunction buttons with reset facility
  • BCI interface
  • Prepared for extra fault indication via LED (on request)
  • Backup function / restore function with specific types of flame safeguards / burner controls (on request)

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