Siemens ASZ12.703 1000 OHM Potentiometer

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Siemens ASZ12.703 1000 OHM Potentiometer

The ASZ potentiometers are for integration into SQM and SQN actuators to indicate the position of the actuators drive shaft.

The ASZ… potentiometers are designed for fitting to the drive shafts of actuators type SQM... and SQN... They can be used for both position indication and position feedback (position checkback signal). The wire potentiometers are suited for general use. For actuators in combination with electronic fuel/air ratio control systems or SQM5... actuators together with AGA56… electronic function modules, conductive plastic potentiometers are mandatory (extended life and better resolution).


  • Pot Type: ASZ12.703
  • Resistance: 1000 OHM
  • Angular Rotation: 90 Degrees
  • Weight: approx 27g
  • Terminal Strip: Triple pole

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