Siemens Actuator - SQN 70.224 - A20 230V

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Siemens Actuator Motor SQN70.224A20

These SQN70 actuators are designed for driving gas or air dampers of oil or gas burners of small to medium capacity, for load-dependent control of the fuel and combustion air volume: In connection with P-PI or PID controllers, such as the RWF40 - Directly via the different types of burner controls, such as LFL, LME, LMG, LMO, LOA, and in connection with 1- or 2-wire control or 3-position controllers

The SQM 70 series has a torque rating of up to 1.5Nm's and a running time of 4s - 30s. This series features counter-clockwise rotation.

The actuators cover is made up of impact proof and heat resistant plastic — an aesthetically pleasing black cover. The front of the gear train is used as the mounting surface. The actuator has four fixing holes and one elongated hole for the positioning pin. Alternatively, the actuator can be secured from the side of the controlling element with three self-tapping screws.

The SQM 70.224A20 features adjustable cams, self-lubricating reduction gearing with bronze bearings that require no maintenance, and is ready to be fitted to the front of the gear train. The actuator has a designed lifetime of an impressive 250,000 start cycles!

  • Operation Voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz.
  • Positioning Angle: Up to 160 degrees
  • Weight: Approx. 500g

Siemens Actuator - SQN 70.224 - A20 230V