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Honeywell TMG 740-3 MOD 43-35 230v 08218U Burner Control Box

Honeywell TMG 740-3 MOD 43-35 240V Control Box Specifications

Alternate Part Number: C21358R.

Technical Specifications:

  • TMG 740-3 Controls high performance forced draught, dual fuel, gas and oil burners.
  • Supply Voltage: 220/ 240V
  • Pre-purge Time: 32s
  • Pre-Purge Time with air damper open: 40s
  • Pre-ignition time: 4s
  • Start Valve Safety Interval: 3s
  • Pilot Valve Safety Interval: 3s
  • Pilot Valve Switch On Time: 14s
  • Main Valve 1 Safety Interval: 5s
  • Valve 1 Delay: 10s
  • Valve 2 Delay: 10s
  • Post Purge Time: 10s

My TMG Box Isn't Working Properly

Before sending your TMG 740-3 back to us, please check the switch on the underside of the box, this determines the flame detector selection which can be set to UV or ION, if this is not on the correct setting, the control box will not function.

Honeywell TMG 740-3 240v Flame Detector Switch

Honeywell TMG 740-3 Datasheet

Honeywell TMG 740-3 240v Datasheet / Manual

Honeywell TMG 740-3 240V Dimensions

Honeywell TMG 740-3 240v Dimensions

Are you looking for the 110V version of this product? If so please click the link below:

Honeywell TMG 740-3 MOD 43-35 110V

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