Honeywell TMG740-3 43-35 230v 08218U Burner Control Box

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Satronic TMG 740-3 MOD 43-35 Control Box 

Alternative Part Number: 08218U

The TMG 740-3 43 - 35 230V burner control box is capable of controlling and monitoring medium to high performance forced draught and dual fuel oil/gas burners in single or two stage versions. It can be used, as prefered, for multi-stage or modulating operation with burners of any nominal rating as well as in direct air heaters (as per DIN 4794).

Different model designations identify the control boxes according to programme times for varying national standards, or for special applications e.g. high-speed steam generators. A special version is available for operation with ignition spark monitoring in conformance with French national regulations.

The TMG 740-3 230V is fully interchangeable with the earlier versions -1 and -2.


For high performance forced draught and dual fuel burners in intermittent operation (single or two stage versions).

Suitable flame detectors:

  • Ionisation probe

  • UV sensor

  • Infra-red flicker detector

The difference between 01 series and 02 series is the duration of the safety time for the pilot burner of burners equipped with pilot gas valves.

Design Specifications

The control box is enclosed in a protective, flame resistant, transparent, plug-in type plastic housing, and includes:

    • Synchronous motor with gearbox driving cam switch
    • Cam switch with informative, coloured programme indicator
    • 16-way cam switch assembly controlling the programme sequence
    • 2 DC relays and 1 remanence relay on common yoke
    • Plug-in printed circuit board with mains transformer, LED display and electronic components

On the underside of the unit are robust plug terminals where the air proving switch and monitoring of the ignition spark can be programmed via two wire links which can be cut as required. The flame detector selection switch is also situated on the the underside of the unit.

    Honeywell TMG740-3 43-35 230v 08218U Burner Control Box