Honeywell MMI 810 MOD 40-34 0620820U Burner Control Box

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Also Known As Satronic MMI 810 Control Box 

Alternative Part Number: C21233U

The MMI 810 is for 2-stage forced draught and combi oil/ gas burners


Manufacturer: Satronic 
  • The gas burner automatic safety control MMI 810 MOD 40-34 controls and monitors blown gas and combined burners of any nominal thermal load.
  • The automatic safety controls MMI 810 can also be utilized for burners on fixed hot air heaters.
  • Various types and model designations differentiate the automatic safety controls with respect to the programme times, as well as with regard to differing national standards. 
  • Must only be used on boilers or other applications where the 10 second pre-purge time is sufficient to provide at least 3 volume changes of the combustion chamber.

Technical Data:

Operating Voltage: 220 / 240 V (-15... +10%) 50 Hz (50 - 60 Hz)

Weight Including base: 350 g

Mounting position: Any

Insulation standard: IP 44

Honeywell MMI 810 MOD 40-34 0620820U Burner Control Box

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