Honeywell MMI 810 MOD 40-34 0620820U Burner Control Box

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Honeywell / Satronic MMI 810 Mod 40-34 230V Burner Control Box


The MMI810 features automatic safety control monitors blown gas- and combined burners of any nominal thermal load (tested and certified according to EN 298).

The automatic control is housed in a non-inflammable, transparent, plug-in type plastic case and contains: Synchronous motor with speed reducer gears as the drive for the switching cam – Switching cam with informative programme display in colour – 12 times cam drive for controlling the programme sequence – Plug-in type circuit boards with the electronic components - The following important indicating and operating elements are located on the front panel of the automatic control: – Illuminated pushbutton for indication of malfunctions and reset – Programme display in colour – Screw for central mounting.

Honeywell MMI 810 Mod 40-34 Benefits

The MMI810 features low-voltage protection. If the supply voltage drops below 160 V during operation, the burner switches-off. When the supply voltage rises above 180 V, the burner performs a restart independently.


  • Operating Voltage: 220/240V
  • Sensitivity: 1 µA
  • Ionisation probe.
  • Infrared flicker detector.
  • Weight: 350g
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Temperature: -20° C - +60° C

MMI 810 Control Box Dimensions

Control Boxes Height Width Depth
MMI 810 Mod 40-34 87mm 61mm 91mm
MMI 810 Mod 35 87mm 61mm 91mm

Honeywell MMI 810 MOD 40-34 0620820U Burner Control Box