Honeywell S4565 C 1090 Control Box

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Honeywell S4565 C 1090 Control Box AGA Premix

The S4565/S4575 ignition controls provide automatic ignition for direct gas burner applications and for intermittent pilot gas burner applications with safety timer.

  • Flame supervision.
  • Built--in 2.5 ... 60 Hz ignition.
  • Internal or external reset and alarm.
  • Accurate safety timer.
  • Supply voltages of 220 ... 240 V in a single product.
  • Full operating sequence after flame loss.
  • Extended spark time.
  • Optional phase neutral independent operation, flame sensing independent of safety ground potential for S4565AD ... TD “2000” series and S4575.
  • Safety time triggered by Air Pressure Switch (APS) for S4565AD ... TD “2000” series and S4575.
  • Optional safe separation flame relay output or opto coupler.
  • Optional main burner interrupt for S4565 BF, DF, QF, TF.
  • Volatile or non volatile lock--out according EN 298.
  • EMC filter optional
  • Protective impedance flame rod
  • Under voltage protection

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