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Honeywell Ignition Transformer ZT931 - 13134U

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Fulton Part Number: 13195


Honeywell Part Number: Ignition Transformer ZT931 4mm 220/240V



The ZT 931 high frequency ignition transformer is suitable for use with power gas burners of unlimited rating. The ZT 931 enables a big spark deformation on burners with a high fire-rating or high combustion-air velocity. In addition to this, it generates the lowest electromagnetic interference of all known electronic ignition devices, which is especially important if the burner has to comply with EN 55014. The ZT 931 combines a low power consumption with a low inrush current. The power connector is compatible with the widely used 3-wire connector. A replacement with a plug-able coil is therefore possible without any problems.


Supply voltage:

220 / 240 V (-15... +10%)

50 Hz (40 - 60 Hz)


Live / neutral / earth 3 AMP plug type terminals

6.30 x 0.8 mm

High tension

ø 4 mm pin or ø 1 mm pin

Primary current

0.25 A

Rating Intermittent 

33 % E.D. in 3 minutes

Spark gap

3 - 5 mm​