Fulton VSRT 10-15 Service Kit - Low Risk

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VSRT10 / VSRT15  Green Kit Contents

Part Number Quantity Supplied Part Description
12444 1  Complete Water Gauge Assembly
15946 1 LMV Burner Management System
2-40-000445 1 400v/110v 1KVA Transformer
16009US 1 Guided Wave Radar Gauge
16010US 1 Vibrating Fork Water Level Probe
16011 1 Vegamet 381 Signal Controller
2-30-290011 1 Amtek Fan Blower Assembly
13162 3 24v DC 4 Pole Relays
15955 3 110v DC 4 Pole Relays

This Kit is suitable for the VSRT10 or VSRT15 Fulton Boiler

The parts in this kit are low risk, meaning they are unlikely to require replacement, but it may be useful to keep spares if downtime is simply not acceptable.

If you require any of the individual parts from this kit, please contact us, we will be happy to help. 

Fulton VSRT 10 or 15 Kits - Green

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