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Fireye UV5 Flame Scanner - UV Non Self Check

by Fireye

£89.99 inc VAT
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Fireye UV5 Flame Scanner 

UV5 Overview

Designed specifically to be used with the BurnerPRO range of control boxes the UV5 Flame scanner is ideally suited for gaseous fuels (natural gas & propane). However, it can be used in detecting flames from standard fuel gases, some waste gases and light oil fuels such as No. 2 oil. Flames from heavier oils can be detected with UV scanners but the unburned fuel shroud and/or atomisation shroud can block passage of the UV from the flame zone to the UV tube, causing nuisance burner/boiler trips. Infrared detection is recommended for fuel oil heavier than No. 2, and some installations where waste gases are burned together with natural gas as a main flame.

UV5 Dimensions

Fireye UV5 Dimensions

Additional Features

The UV5-1 scanner also supports front and lateral viewing, but it’s highly recommended for lateral viewing to maximise the UV tube’s sensitivity. The UV5-1 is shipped with a mounting flange and a detachable cable The UV tube is made of quartz and is filled with a gas that ionises when struck by UV radiation from the flame. In the absence of UV radiation, the gas acts as an insulator between two electrodes which are mounted inside the tube. These electrodes are energised continuously by a high voltage. During combustion, UV radiation ionises the gas, causing current pulses to flow between the electrodes. These current pulses result in a flame signal which is transmitted to the amplifier in the control, where it is processed to energise or hold in the flame relay.