Elco VG4.610 DP Two Stage Progressive Pneumatic Modulating

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Gas Burner 130-610kW - Elco Vectron VG4.610 DP - Two Stage


Two-Stage progressive/modulating pneumatic. Emissions: Low NOx class 3 according to EN676.

Advanced technology including AGP, MDE2 and RTC.

Elco Vectron VG4.610 DP Diagram

VG4.610 DP Vectron Technical Data

  • Minimum power output: 130kW
  • Maximum power output: 610kW
  • Minimum gas pressure: 20mbar
  • Maximum gas pressure: 300mbar
  • Fan motor: 0.75kW
  • IP rating: IP41

Other Available Configurations

  • 60Hz Version;
  • Versions for continuous ventilation and post-ventilation.
VG4.610 DP Dimensions

VG4.610 DP Gas Burner Dimensions

A B C D E G H I N Øa Øb c d
465mm 475mm 640mm 377mm 97mm 150mm" KN: 220mm KL: 360mm 245mm 195mm 180-240mm 200-270mm M10 45°

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