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Econex SFF80 3" Flanged Ball Valve

by Econex
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Econex SFF80 3" Ball Valve


A ball valve controls the flow of either a gas or liquid of some sort, in the case of the Econex SFF80 3”, gas or liquid gas. The sphere or ball in the middle of the valve has a port, or bore, through the center. When the ball valve is in the open position, the port in the ball aligns with the flow path of the pipe and allows gas or liquid to flow. When rotated 90 degrees, the valve is in the closed position, the hole is then moved from alignment with the pipe, therefore stopping all flow of gas.

SFF80 3" Ball Valve Applications

Econex SFF80 ball valves are suitable for use with gases and liquid gases belonging to the first, second and third family. The SFF80 valve can be manually operated or it can be automated with an actuator motor.


  • Up to 16 Bar operating pressure.
  • High contrast yellow lever
  • Full or reduced bore.
  • F/F or M/f thread connections.
  • Ambient temperature: -20 C/+60 C.
  • Sturdy cast iron body.

Ball Valve Dimensions

Econex SFF Flanged Height Width Depth
SFF80 3" RP 330mm 200mm 180mm
SFF100 4" RP 360mm 220mm 190mm
SFF125 5" RP 450mm 250mm 200mm