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Ecoflam Max Gas 350P One Stage - 100kW-350kW - TC 3143283

by Ecoflam
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Ecoflam MAX 350P - One Stage Light Oil Burner - 100-350kW - TC 3143283

MAX GAS 350P are single-stage, fully automatic, monoblock type burners. The special design of the burner head provides low-polluting combustion with high efficiency. In line with testing as defined by EN676, the values comply with emissions class 3. Emissions values may differ, depending on combustion chamber dimensions, combustion chamber load and the firing system (three-pass boilers, boilers with reverse firing).


Ecoflam Gas 350P fuel Specs


Ecoflam MAX 350P Burner Features

Technical Specifications

  • kW Rating: 100kW - 350kW
  • Motor: 3kW 230VAC 50 Hz
  • Gross Weight: 15kg
  • Single Stage Operation

MAX GAS 350P burners are designed for the low-pollutant combustion of natural gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas. The design and function of the burners comply with standard EN676. Assembly and commissioning must be carried out only by authorised specialists and all applicable guidelines and directives must be observed.

They are suitable for use with all heat generators complying with EN 303 or for use with hot air generators complying with DIN 4794, and DIN 30697 within their respective performance range.


TC 3143283 Dimensions
Oil Burner Type A B C D D1 E F G I L M
TC 3143283 392mm 202mm 190mm 180mm 280mm 280mm 125mm 201mm 106/130 106/130 M8