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Ecoflam MAX 45 AB TL Two-Stage High / Low Oil Burner 202-546kW - 3142306

by Ecoflam
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£1,246.78 - £1,246.78
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Ecoflam MAX 45 AB TL Burner Features

Output (Nominal):

Min: 202 kW

Max: 546 kW

Control Box: Thermowatt E-BCU

Max Flow Rate: 46 kg/h (Light Oil)

Power Supply: 230 v / 400 v

Motor: 740w

Operation: 2 Stage Low / High Fire


Ecoflam Max 45 AB TL Manual
Ecoflam Max 45 Spare Parts
Click on the icon to view the manual for this burner: Need Spares for your Max 45 Burner? Contact Us or Call the sales team for assistance with specific spare parts:
Ecoflam Max 45 Manual

Ecoflam Max 45 AB TL Working Range

Ecoflma Max 45 AB TL Working Range

MAX 45 AB TL Dimensions

Ecoflam Max 45 AB TL Dimensions

TL - Long Blast Tube - 365mm

The MAX 45 AB TL burner is a two-stage, fully-automatic monoblock-type burner. It is suitable for use, within its range of performance, with boilers complying with EN 303 or hot-air generators in line with DIN 4794, DIN 30697 or EN 621. This model is fitted with a long blast tube.

Oil Burner Type A B C D D1 E F G I L M
MAX 45 AB TL 424mm
294mm 130mm 175mm 365mm 466mm 160mm 280mm 185/200 185/200 M8