Dungs MBC-700-SE S22 Safety Shut-off Valve - 261646

Dungs MBC-700-SE S22 Safety Shut-off Valve - 261646-Gas Valves

Dungs MBC-700-SE S22 Safety Shut-off Valve - 261646

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Dungs MBC-700-SE S22 Servo Pressure Regulator

The DUNGS multiple actuator MBC700SE integrates filter, valves and servo pressure regulator in one compact unit.

The servo pressure regulator permits optimal mixture formation in forced air burners and premix burners in conjunction with mechanical or electronic integrated gas-air regulation units; this applies to modulating and multi-stage floating operating mode. Suitable for gases of gas families 1,2,3 and other inert gaseous media.


  • Compact Design
  • High Flow Rates
  • Low Weight
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Modulating Mode
  • Adjustable outlet pressure up to 300 mbar
  • Mountable accessories include: Pressure switch, Valve proving system.


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