Dungs MB-ZRDLE 415 B01 S22 Multiblock Gas Valve with GW50 A5

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Dungs MB-ZRDLE 415 B01 S22 1.5" Multiblock Gas Valve + GW50 A5


This Dungs MBZRDLE Gas Valve features control whilst maintaining safety, it has combined regulator and safety shut off valves, two stage function and an integrated bypass valve. Max operating pressure: 360mbar - Nominal diameter: RP 1/2 - RP 1 1/4.

The standard applications for this type of gas valve are for modular systems that permit individual solutions in gas safety and regulatory engineering. Suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media.

The Dungs Gas Valves modular system permits individual solutions by using external ignition gas tap in connection with separately controlled valves, by adding a valve proving system, mini/maxi pressure switches, pressure limiters, limit switch and closing stroke limiter at valve V2, regulator blocking for liquid gas applications.

EC type testing certificate as per:

  • EC-Gas Appliances Regulation
  • EC-Pressure Equipment Directive Approvals in other important gas consuming countries.
Dungs MBDLE Gas Valve

Manufacturer: Dungs

Dungs MB-ZRDLE 415 B01 S22 Multiblock Gas Valve with GW50 A5