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Dungs MB-ZRDLE 405 B01 S20 Multiblock Gas Valve - 227806

by Dungs

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Technical Specifications:

  • Dungs MBZRDLE 405 B01 S20
  • Supply Voltage: 240 / 110V
  • Max Operating Pressure: 360mbar
  • Outlet Pressure: 4-20 mbar
  • DN15 - V2 = Double-seat Valve
  • Solenoid Valve V2: Fast closing, slow opening.
  • S20 Valve Control: Together

MB-ZRDLE 405 B01 S20 Application

The MBZRDLE 405 S20 filters and regulates gases of families 1, 2, 3, and other neutral gaseous media. This gas valve uses a fine mesh sieve to trap dirt, it also has high flow rates with low pressure drop ensuring the highest level of reliability and efficiency. The valve features one one-stage valve and one two-stage valve, one is fast opening and the other can be adjusted.

Dungs MB-ZRDLE 405 B01 S20 240V / 110V Datasheet

Dungs MB-ZRDLE 405 B01 S20 240V 110V Datasheet / Manual

Dungs MBZRDLE 405 B01 S20 Dimensions

MBZRDLE 405 S20 240V 110V Control Box Dimensions