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Dungs GW150 A5 Pressure Switch - 5-150 mBar - 225940

by Dungs
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Dungs GW 150 A5 Pressure Switch - 5-150 mBar - 225940


The Dungs GW150 A5 pressure switch is a compact pressure switch that responds to pressure. If the set reference value is exceeded or undershot, the circuit is switched on/off or over.

Suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media.

GW150 pressure switches can be set up easily using the ‘wheel’ on the front to set what pressure it should switch. This can be done without using a pressure gauge, which significantly reduces the time used to get you up and running.

The Dungs GW150 A5 can be fitted to all the dungs multibloc gas valves and the DMV series either directly on the housing or by using an adapter.

Dungs GW150 A5 Pressure Switch Features

The Dungs GW150 A5 single acting pressure switch in over-pressure range, they operate without any power supply. They also have short response times during short term pressure fluctuations.

  • Max Operating Pressure: 150mbar.
  • Ambient Temperature: -15 °C to +70 °C.
  • IP54 as per EN60529 (IEC 529).
  • Sturdy die-cast aluminium housing.
  • O ring flange connection.

Dungs Pressure Switch Dimensions

GW Series Height Width Length Pressure Range
GW50 A5 78mm 48.5mm 44.7mm 5-50 mbar
GW150 A5 78mm 48.5mm 44.7mm 5-150 mbar
GW500 A5 78mm 48.5mm 44.7mm 100-500 mbar