Danfoss VBGRGZ-I-4-20 1100L/HR (KSV) Oil Pump

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Danfoss VBGRGZ-I-4-20 Oil Pump


  • Note VBGRGZ-1-4-20 (KSV) is for two pipe application.
  • Used as one pipe pump with positive feed pressure an external bypass has to be made between the return port and the suction port.

Technical Data:

Viscosity range: 2.5 to 450 cSt.

Pump speed: Max. 3600 min-1 at max. pressure 25 bar Max. 2800 min-1 at max. pressure 40 bar

Factory setting: Minimum pressure

Oil temperature: Max. 180ºC

Max feed pressure: 5 bar.

Danfoss VBGRGZ-I-4-20 1100L/HR (KSV) Oil Pump