Danfoss OBC 82.10 057H8702 Burner Control Box

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Danfoss OBC 82.10 Control Box 

Alternative Part Number: C21382S

The OBC 82.10 is for 2 stage burners up to 30 kg/h. 


Manufacturer: Danfoss
  • For burners with or without a preheater. 
  • Precise and reproducible timings.
  • The limitation at 3 restarts by a flame failure within the same operating period. 
  • Limitation of 10 min. on preheating time.
  • Remote alarm output.
  • An indication of a reason for the lockout.
  • An indication of preheating and operation.
The OBC 82.10 controls the cut-in and cut-out of the oil burner’s components and monitors that the combustion cycle is performed safely.
When the boiler thermostat cuts in, heating of the oil in the oil preheater will begin. Once the release temperature is reached and the oil preheater’s thermostat cuts in, the burner motor will start the pre-purge and power will simultaneously be applied to the ignition (TT). Following the pre-ignition and pre-purge time, the oil will be released by valve V1 being opened and subsequently V2 will be opened.


Danfoss OBC 82.10 057H8702 Burner Control Box