Danfoss BFP11 L3 L1 Diamond Series 071N7141 Oil Pump

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Danfoss BFP11 L3 L1 Diamond Oil Pump - 


BFP 10/11 sizes 3, 5 oil pumps are designed for small/medium-sized domestic oil burners up to 42 l/h.

Application and features

  • Light oil and kerosene
  • 1 or 2-pipe operation
  • 1-stage
  • Built-in pressure regulator
  • Solenoid valve cut-off (BFP 11)
  • Ring filter


From the suction inlet (S) oil is drawn through the filter (H) to the gear set, where the pressure is increased. When voltage is applied to the NC-valve, it opens and releases oil to the nozzle outlet.

By means of the diaphragm (D) in the pressure regulator (T), the pressure is kept constant at the value set on adjustment screw (P1).

In 2-pipe systems the excess oil is led back to the return outlet (R) and the tank. In 1- pipe systems with plugged return outlet (R) and screw (A) removed, the oil is returned internally to the gear set.

Danfoss BFP11 L3 L1 Diamond Series 071N7141 Oil Pump