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Danfoss ATP 41E 0000 Thermostat Clamp On Stat

by Danfoss
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Danfoss ATP 41E 0000 Thermostat Clamp On Stat

Danfoss 41E 0000 Immersion Thermostat


Manufacturer: Danfoss

  • The ATP clamp-on pipe thermostat, which comes with a pipe fi xing strap, is configured specifically for use as a pipe thermostat, and is suitable for use on pipes of up to 2” diameter (50mm).
  • The thermostat utilizes a bi-metallic strip.
  • The metal base of the thermostat makes direct contact with the pipe.
  • This type of construction provides accurate and repeatable control. 

Technical Data:

Temperature Range: (°C) 30-90

Switching Differential: 6-10

Switch Configuration: SPDT

Dimensions: 40 120 58