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Siemens LAL2.25 230V Burner Control Box

by Siemens
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Siemens LAL2.25 230V Burner Control Box

Technical Specifications:

  • Siemens LAL2.25 240V controls oil atomizing burners.
  • Semi-automatic Startup
  • Supply Voltage: 240V
  • Prepurge time with air damper open: 22.5s
  • Pre-ignition time: 2.5s
  • Post-ignition time: 15s
  • Post purge time: 15s
  • Ignition safety time: 5s
  • Permissible afterburn time: 15s

Siemens LAL2.25 240V Datasheet

Siemens LAL2.25 240v Datasheet / Manual

Siemens LAL2.25 240V Dimensions

Siemens LAL2.25 Control Box Dimensions

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