Black Teknigas PE6684110V Powerseat Eco Gas Valve - 2" BSP 110V

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Technical Specifications:

  • Black Teknigas Powerseat Eco Gas Valve PE6684110V
  • Flange Size: 2" BSP Screwed
  • IP Rating IP54
  • Input Voltage: 110V
  • Watts Consumption: 10W
  • KwH: 0.010
  • KG CO2 /Year: 46.2kg

Black Teknigas PE6684110V Electro Hydraulic Features

The Powerseat electro-hydraulic gas shut-off valve allows the control and safety shut-off of low pressure combustible gases in pipes from 40mm to 250mm, whilst focusing on being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This valve uses just 6% of the power that a comparable magnetic solenoid valve uses. The PE6684110V saves the equivalent carbon emissions of 3,758 miles in a car.

Black Teknigas Powerseat PE6684110V 110v Datasheet

PE6684110V Powerseat Gas Valve 110V Datasheet / Manual

Black Teknigas PE6684110V Dimensions

PE6684110V Black Teknigas Powerseat Gas Valve 110V Datasheet / Manual

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