Spray Booth Burner Spares

Spray Booth Burners and Burner Spares

  • Is your spray booth burner running badly?
  • Does the booth take too long to get up to temperature?
  • Spray booth not keeping to the target temperature consistently?
  • Booth Control system in desperate need of an update?
...or is the burner on your spray booth just refusing to light at all?

If any of the above are true, we can help!

Spray Booth Burner

Spare Parts In Stock

We stock every part required to get your booth back up and working quickly. We know that if there is a vehicle or prepped parts in the booth and it stops working, you need a fast turnaround with spares. For this reason, we keep the majority of standard gas burner spares in stock, including the common gas train parts, electrodes, control boxes, and many other replaceable parts.

We supply ATEX ExnA | Ex d | Ex d/de rated motors should your fan motor fail.

Whether your booth is a Spraybake, JunairHaltec, Dalby, Airblast, Gen-Lab, or any other manufacturer, we can assist.

Spray Booth Issues

Our Spray Booth Is Not Working!

Step 1

Take a photo of the Burner, if possible with the manufacturer's plate visible so we can determine the make and model of the burner.

Step 2

Send the burner photo along with a brief description of the fault to sales@powerheatingplants.com

Step 3

One of our team will determine which part might be at fault and we will reply with a quote for the new part. If the fault seems complex and we feel an engineer visit might be required, we will make this recommendation.

Contact Us:

Phone: 01905 773377 or 0800 368 9771

Email: sales@powerheatingplants.com

Spray Booth Repair

New Burner For Your Existing Spray Booth

In some instances, you may be looking for a replacement burner to update your booth. This may be due to an increase in costs of ageing parts, frequent breakdowns, or a desire for increased efficiency.

If you are looking to retrofit a new burner to your spray booth please contact us. We can make a site visit and report on any recommendations our engineer may find. We can then supply a package to suit your requirements, whether it be a new burner, a new burner / control system, or a fully installed and commissioned system.