Nuway ST40 Oil Burner Spares

Looking for parts for Nuway ST40 oil burner? This is our ST40 spares page. Below you will find all of the standard parts to fit when servicing the burner. Just add the parts you require to the basket, and rest assured that we have done all of the research to get you going whether you are servicing the burner, or maintaining it yourself.

ST40 Replacement Control Boxes

The LOA control boxes are used for the startup, supervision and control of Nuway ST series burners. An additional electronic circuit ensures that if mains voltage drops below approximately AC 165 V, burner startup will be prevented, or – without release of oil – lockout will be triggered. Whenever lockout occurs, the outputs for the fuel valves, the burner motor, oil preheater and ignition equipment will immediately be deactivated (< 1 second).

The TF 832.3 oil burner safety control boxes are a suitable replacement to  control and monitor the ST series oil burner.

The control box circuitry is protected by a flame resistant, transparent plastic housing. It incorporates the thermomechanical, temperature compensated timer, flame check and reset circuits. These features prevent the burner from damage.

Nuway ST40 Oil Burner Spares

The Nuway ST40 oil burner is built for single stage operation with an output of 18-39kW.

Nuway have manufactured this burner to be energy saving, quiet whilst in operation and designed for easy maintenance.

If you would like to purchase a complete replacement burner, please contact us.

ST40 Replacement Oil Pumps

BFP 10/11 sizes 3, 5 oil pumps are designed for small/medium-sized domestic oil burners up to 42 l/h.Application and features 

Light oil and kerosene.

1 or 2-pipe operation.

Built-in pressure regulator.

Solenoid valve cut-off.

(BFP 11)Ring filter

BFP 41 sizes 3 and 5 oil pumps are designed for small oil burners. Replacement part for Nuway ST40 oil burner. Light oil and kerosene. 

1 or 2-pipe operation.

Built-in pressure regulator.

Solenoid valve cut-off.

Cartridge filter.

ST40 Replacement Gasket Fixing

Bentone Gasket Fixing 97-146 - BN11854201

    Replacement part for Nuway Stirling Oil Burners.

    Part Number: BN11854201.

ST40 Replacement Electrode

Nuway Electrode B9-B20 - BN11593701

    Replacement part for Nuway Stirling Burners.

    Part Number: BN11593701.

ST40 Replacement Photocell

Honeywell MZ770S 50001 Photocell

Replacement Photocell For Nuway Stirling Burner.

Part Number: MZ770S

ST40 Replacement Nozzle

Danfoss Nozzle 0.60 x 0.80EH - 030H8312

    Replacement Nozzle For Oil Burners. 0.60 x 80EH.

    Part Number: 030H8312.

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We have the expertise to not only sell you all the products you need for your burner, but also the expertise to help you if are unsure as to which component should be used. We have collectively over 80 years of experience to give to you to ensure that you get back up and running as soon as possible. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or call us on 01905 773377.

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