Nuway NOL60-38 Oil Burner Spares

Looking for parts for Nuway NOL60-38 oil burner? This is our NOL60 spares page. Below you will find all of the standard parts to fit when servicing the burner. Just add the parts you require to the basket, and rest assured that we have done all of the research to get you going whether you are servicing the burner, or maintaining it yourself.

NOL60-38 Replacement Oil Pump

Suntec J7 CCC 1001 Oil Pump

This oil pump is a like for like replacement for the oil pump on your NOL60 oil burner. It is for light oil or kerosene applications, with a built in cut off function to prevent your burner from any damage.

NOL60-38 Replacement Control Box

Siemens LAL1.25 230v Burner Control Box

Siemens control boxes have a lifetime of 250,000 burner startup cycles under normal operating conditions which corresponds to approximately 10 years of usage to ensure that your NOL60 burner has a long-lasting, reliable operation.

NOL60-38 Replacement Burner Motor

4kW 2 Pole Motor IE2 3 Phase - B5 Flange Mounting - Universal Motors

These motors are light and robust with Class F insulation and Class B temperature rise ratings for efficient and robust operation. This motor has a B5 Flange mount, standard for the NOL60 oil burner, if you require a B14 face mount though, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

NOL60-38 Oil Pressure Jet Burner

The Nuway NOL60 pressure jet burners are designed for automatic two-stage operation with an output range of 1407-1708wwwwwwwwwkW. 

 The air rates can be adjusted for low and high firing rates to optimise efficiency. The burner head is built to a high standard to ensure maximum combustion performance, which can be maintained over extended periods of operation; this leads to optimised thermal efficiency and reduced running costs.

NOL60-38 Replacement Photocell

Siemens QRB3 Photocell

The Photocell is a vital component when running a burner as it checks the flame is running correctly and keeps operation as normal if a healthy flame is present, or shuts the burner down if there is not a flame. This prevents any unnecessary damage of the oil burner. 

NOL60-38 Replacement Electrode

Nuway Twin Electrodes For C5-6-7 A1-2 U90319H
  • Best Price Guaranteed!

  • Plug and Play Replacement!
  • Need Assistance? Call Us.

NOL60-38 Replacement HT Leads

Nuway HT Leads For C4-5-6-7 (600mm) - U90401V
  • Best Price Guaranteed!

  • Plug and Play Replacement!
  • Need Assistance? Call Us.

NOL60-38 Replacement Fan Impeller

Nuway D15007M Fan Impellor

The fan impeller is a mechanical device that moves oxygen into oil mist to create the right mix of fuel to air for it to burn at the hottest point.

NOL60-38 Replacement Coupling

Nuway Diffuser 7IN x 2.5IN - L04118H

Want to purchase a like for like replacement when a component wears out? Look no further, here is a one stop shop for all your burner requirements. Missing something? Please get in touch with us.

NOL60-38 Replacement Pressure Gauge

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NOL60-38 Replacement Operating Cable

Nuway Operating Cable To A4-300 - G28025X

Depending on the surroundings of your burner, the operating cable can wear out faster than other components on the burner due to its small and delicate makeup. Don't worry though, we have your back because here you can purchase a brand new replacement!

NOL60-38 Replacement Solenoid Valve

Nuway Twin Solenoid Valve - 1/8IN Oil E01113J

It is vital to ensure that your solenoid valve is is good condition whilst running your burner, the oil will be fed to this to allow the correct amount of oil to flow at any given point. This solenoid valve is a direct replacement for your current NOL60 oil burner.

Why Buy From Power Heating Plants?

We have the expertise to not only sell you all the products you need for your burner, but also the expertise to help you if are unsure as to which component should be used. We have collectively over 80 years of experience to give to you to ensure that you get back up and running as soon as possible. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or call us on 01905 773377.

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