Ecoflam MAX 70P Gas Burner Spares

Find all the spares you need for your MAX Gas 70P oil burner right here. We've researched all this to save you time, energy and money when it comes to purchasing spare parts for your gas burner. Here, you can add the replacement part you need for you MAX 70P gas burner, and in no time, you'll be back up and running.

MAX Gas 70P Replacement Gas Train

Dungs MBDLE 403 RP15 Gas Train

This gas train is a like for like replacement part for your current Ecoflam MAX gas burner. This gas train comes as a complete assembly ready to retrofit for less downtime.

MAX Gas 70P Replacement Control Box

Ecoflam Thermowatt Control Box - 65324169

    Replacement part for Ecoflam MAX Gas Burners.

    Part Number: 65324169.

MAX Gas 70P Replacement Burner Motor

0.75kW 2 Pole Motor IE2 3 Phase - B5 Flange Mounting - Universal Motors

These 0.75kW aluminium frame 3 phase motors are designed to be both light and robust. They are an ideal, long-lasting solution for a replacement burner motor.

MAX Gas 70P Replacement Ignition Transformer

Danfoss 052F4040 Transformer EBI 1P

Replacement part for Ecoflam MAX Gas burners.

Part Number: 052F4040.

MAX 70P Oil Burner Spares

The Ecoflam MAX 70 oil burners are designed for automatic one-stage operation with an output range of 34-70kW. This model has a short blast tube fitted but if required, a long blast tube can be ordered. 

This oil burner has multiple features such as thermowatt control, class 2 efficiency and easy maintenance for less downtime.

MAX 70P Replacement Blast Tube

Ecoflam Blast Tube - 65320311

    Replacement part for Ecoflam MAX Gas burners.

    Part Number: 65320311.

MAX 70P Replacement Electrode

Ecoflam Electrode 8 x 61 - 65320904

    Ecoflam replacement for MAX gas burners.

    Part Number: 65320904.

MAX 70P Replacement Ignition Leads

Ecoflam Ignition Cable - 65070264

MAX 70P Replacement Fan Impeller

Ecoflam Fan Impeller - 120x50mm - 65321770

Replacement Part for MAX Gas burners. 

 Part number: 65323826.

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We have the expertise to not only sell you all the products you need for your burner, but also the expertise to help you if are unsure as to which component should be used. We have collectively over 80 years of experience to give to you to ensure that you get back up and running as soon as possible. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or call us on 01905 773377.

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