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Siemens QRA53.E17 UV Cell (110v) Includes Mounting Clamp

Nuway Part Number: C31055X


The detector’s UV cell is located behind a swivelling shutter at the front end of the detector tube which is flanged to the housing. A quartz-glass window protects the tube and the shutter against dirt. The detector’s housing accommodates a stepper motor to drive the shutter and the electronics to control the shutter. Using the AGG16.C adapter, this flame detectors can be mounted either directly on the burner, on a viewing tube or on a combustion chamber viewing hole.


  • Sensitivity: Normal
  • Detector Tube Length: 125mm
  • Mains Voltage: AC 110V
  • Spare UV Tube: AGR 502 4065 0
  • Average life of UV cell: 10,000 hours
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Weight approx: 700 g

Average life of this self checking UV Cell is 10,000 hours if used below 50°C. Use at ambient temperatures above this will significantly reduce the life of the cell.


Need the 230 Volt Version?

For a 230 Volt version of this Photocell please see this item.

Siemens QRA53.27 230 Volt

Spare Parts and Accessories


Adaptor for mounting the QRA53

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Connecting cable 2m with plug

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Siemens QRA53.E17 Manual

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