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Siemens LFL1.335 - 110v

Nuway Part Number: C21108G

Siemens Part Number: BPZ:LFL1.335A17

Technical Specifications:

  • Siemens LFL1.335A17 controls gas, oil or duel fuel burners.
  • Supply Voltage: 110V
  • Pre-purge time with air damper open: 37s
  • Pre-ignition time: 5s
  • Pre-ignition time(long): 2.5s
  • Post purge time: 15s
  • Ignition safety time: 2.5s
  • Duration of startup sequence: 74s

Siemens LFL1.335 A17 Datasheet

Siemens LFL1.335 A17 110v Datasheet / Manual

Siemens LFL1.335 110V Dimensions

Siemens LFL1.335 Control Box Dimensions

Are you looking for the 240V also known as the A27 version of this product? If so please click the link below:

Siemens LFL1.335 240V

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