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BST Relay Module Flame Detector - Various Voltages

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Original price £89.00
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Voltage: 24V

The Relay Module Flame Detector makes a safety-related binary signal ON/OFF from a flame detector in the form of potential free relay contacts aviable for a burner control box. The operating state of the RMF and the status of the flame relay are shown on two LED in the front. The RMF protects the flame detector electrically.

The Relay Module Flame Detector protects himself as well as the connected flame detector with its own internal fuse in the L1-cable. With two LED on the front it shows its operating state and the status of the flame relay. The internal flame relay is potential free and has a much higher switching power than the flame relays of the product lines KLCx or IFx 10/11.


RMF Dimensions

Connector Diagram

Connections RMF


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RMF Technical Manual